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  • According to Indian Standard, if a galvanized iron plate is used as an earth electrode, its dimension must not be less than 60 cm × 60 cm x 6.35 mm (2 x 2 x 12 in). As an earth lead, galvanized iron wire is with this plate.
  • In the case of a copper plate earthing, the plate must be at least 60 cm × 60 cm x 3.18 mm (2 x 2 x 18 in) in size, with copper wire serving as the earth lead. The plate is inserted vertically in the earth hole at a depth of at least 3 meters (10 feet), below ground level in both circumstances.

Copper Earth Plate

150x150mm x 3 mm

Copper Earth Plate

300x300mm x 3 mm

Copper Earth Plate

600x600mm x 6 mm

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